Strange chords #1: Kanne Kalaimaane

Beautiful, beautiful song. Written by Kannadasan, composed by Ilaiyaraja and sung by K J Yesudas. One of the greatest songs of all time. To me, it’s one of the finest examples of pathos expressed in a song. Yesudas’ voice is perfectly suited to this sort of mood.

However, what I didn’t realize until a friend of mine named Rajesh told me, was that Ilaiyaraja hahd used a little trick t enhance the effect of his voice. If you listen very carefully to the song, you will notice a single violin playing the tune that Yesudas sings. It plays only when he’s singing, not otherwise, so it’s difficult to catch. But once you do, it’s hard to miss afterward. It’s a really small thing, almost trivial, but it makes a difference.


4 thoughts on “Strange chords #1: Kanne Kalaimaane

  1. Boss,
    The violin is not to enhance his voice. It’s for tracking purposes or to lay down the tracks. They laid down the tracks, and overdubbed the singer.
    They found that it sounds good with the violin and let it be. But a good notice I should say.

  2. S says:

    I’ve almost never found a typo in your posts. So the two here seem to exist solely to underscore your larger point of “happy accident.” I mean the “to” without the “o”… It even made Ilayaraja laugh (He “hah’d”). It’s these little imperfections that truly intensify beauty (which I guess is your subliminal point).

  3. S says:

    A summery influx of Ilaiyaraja listicles on the interwebz struck a strange chord in me to do the same. (Heard even the President is hopping aboard this hallelujah train!) So here goes this-moment-in-time top 10 of Raaja doing the rounds in my head:

    1. Kaadhal Kavidhaigal ( Gopura Vaasalile)
    2. Pesa Koodadhu ( Adutha Vasrisu)
    3. Neelakuyile (Soorasamhaaram)
    4. Poongaatru (Vetri Vizha)
    5. En Jodi Manja Kuruvi (Vikram)
    6. Naane Naana (dunno movie name)
    7. Etho ninaivugal kanavugal (Agal Vilakku)
    8. Mannil Indha (Keladi Kanmani)
    9. Valayosai ( Sathya)
    10. Then poove poove va (Anbulla Rajnikanth)
    11. Bonus Track: Varuthu Varuthu (Bramma)

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