Strange chords #2: Paruvamae

Yet another gem from Ilaiyaraja, from the movie Nenjathai Killadhe. The picturization involves Mohan and Suhasini jogging together, and the song plays in the background. What’s amazing is how much of the visualization has crept into the piece itself.

For one thing, the singers (SPB and Janaki) sound like they’re shivering in the cold morning weather – their voices aren’t strong and clear. Plus, there’s the rhythm of footsteps to cover the jogging – it adds another layer.

But my favourite little addition comes in the second interlude: it fades in, then out slowly, as if the joggers just ran past a bunch of musicians playing the interlude. Again, this is one of the things Rajesh told me – I didn’t notice it myself until he did. He called it the Doppler Effect song!


One thought on “Strange chords #2: Paruvamae

  1. S says:

    Aah my favorite duo and Doppler Effect… you’re totally catching my frequency here. 🙂 Funny how it sometimes takes a physics nerd to simplify (and simply elevate the enjoyment of) a song’s affect for a common listener like me.

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