Strange chords

This series of posts is aimed at educating the teeming millions reading my blog (okay, three people including me, if I’m optimistic) on some lesser known aspects of well-known songs. Things like an odd instrument playing an odd note somewhere in the background that adds something to the song. Read on, and you’ll find out more…


4 thoughts on “Strange chords

  1. I’ll be the fourth! Luverly blog. BTW, I have another snippet for you. Go listen to ‘Ye Ishq haaye’ from Jab We Met. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a distinct, plaintive (but low) meow! in the song at several points. It’s like this-

    Haan hai koi to wajah (meow)
    Jo jeena ka maza (meow)
    Yoon aane laga (meow)

    LOL. I love it but nobody I have pointed it out to has gotten it yet :_(

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