Freeze Frame #86: Baazigar

The Brits know Shilpa Shetty as the woman who won Big Brother. A bunch of culture-preserving gentlemen know her as the woman who kissed Richard Gere in public. (Maybe she just got kissed, but this is a minor quibble when our centuries-old culture is at stake.) Me, I will always remember her as the girl who got pushed off the building in Baazigar.

I didn’t read A Kiss Before Dying until a few years after I saw that movie. I went in not quite knowing what to expect. For a while, it just seemed like a movie about a man (SRK) who was two-timing a couple of girls who happened to be sisters. There were little hints that this man might be a bit more sinister than that. But nothing quite prepared me for the moment when he killed one of the girls by pushing her off the top of a building. It absolutely blew me away.

In some ways, this could be regarded as the scene that made SRK a star. At that point people knew who he was, but he still didn’t have anything extraordinary to his name. Killing Shilpa Shetty was the first real high-point in his career.


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