And the End #1- Anand

I am starting a series of posts here on movie climaxes. Considering that climax is an important aspect of the movie, many movies keep chugging along well, but falter at the last. This is common to both Indian and English movies. So this is on some climaxes which have had a deep impact on me. As far as the climax goes, one of the best would be Anand (1970).

Anand (Rajesh Khanna), who is suffering from a terminal illness, is on his deathbed. His friend, and the doctor, who is treating him, Babu Moshai (Amitabh Bachan) rushes back to the room. By the time he has come its just too late, Anand has breathed his last.

In one of the best performances, Amitabh Bachan, wonderfully displays his pent up anger, frustration, seeing his best friend lying still. He commands him to talk, pretty ironical considering that when he first met Anand, he was irritated by his non stop chatter. As he shakes up Anand, asking him to talk, as if on a cue, the tape recorder plays.

Babu Moshai”- Even the sound is somewhat eerie, and then the conversation about “Zindagi aur maut ke khel mein hum sab katputhliyan hain”. And the two of them, laughing together. It is as if Anand has been speaking from the grave.

I must have seen this movie umpteen times, but every time the scene just gives me the goosebumps.


2 thoughts on “And the End #1- Anand

  1. True, it’s an amazingly well set up scene. Recently, when I watched it on TV, I tried to check whether he had gotten the timing right. If you remember, when they record that dialogue, what happens is that Amitabh first narrates the poem Maut tu ek kavita hai, then there’s a long pause where Rajesh Khanna gets ready, then he says those memorable lines. So I tried to check if the pause between Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna speaking was maintained in the end. It turned out that it was.

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