Ilayaraja BGM- A Background

In a list of 100 Greatest Film Score Composers , only 2 Indians figure, one is of course A.R.Rehman and the other is a man whose middle name spells “Genius” .

A maestro called Illayaraja . Mixing up a medley of native folk tunes, Western classical rythms, synthesizer beats, pure Indian classical stuff, he created a music, which has it’s own stamp. But more than his memorable songs, his greatest contribution has been to an aspect, which somehow never really got the attention it deserved in Indian cinema, the background music. Many of the olden composers churned out excellent and memorable songs, but somehow their background scores have never been memorable. Barring a few directors like Bimal Roy, Guru Dutt, Satyajit Ray , not many directors paid attention to this aspect. I am putting together a series of posts on this topic on some of his memorable background music scores.

The movies for which i had posted were



Thevar Magan





One thought on “Ilayaraja BGM- A Background

  1. Ratnakar,
    Nayakan and Saagarasangamam (Telugu) come to my mind this instant..More will come up if I spend time on it, but the easy way is to wait for your series – and that’s what I am going to do..

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