Dear Sir, As I am suffering from fever…


I’m travelling to Shanghai for a couple of weeks. 24 fps will be on hiatus during this period. Do come back sometime in early October.

<insert Aarnaald Sivaji Nagar quote here>




3 thoughts on “Dear Sir, As I am suffering from fever…

  1. Sagarika says:

    A trip to Shanghai…and right on the heels of a Top Hat post, too! This freeze frame, although you don’t label it “Freeze Frame 101” is just that! It just walked me thru the basics of what it means to unseat a wedged movie memory and set it free.

    Here’s what this post brought to mind: “Shanghai Express” — the Marlene Dietrich opus released the same year as Top Hat. I’ve never seen it, but heard of it plenty (and forgot all about it too, until “Freeze Frame 101” came along).

    Isn’t it a wonder, Ramsu, that your post doesn’t even have to be about a movie to trigger memories of one? You may be onto somethere there, let me tell you that!

    Happy Shanghai-ing.

  2. Thanks, Sagarika. Will look for Shanghai Express and see if I can get my hands on it next.

    Oh, and for the record. I’m not Shanghai-ing. I’m being Shanghai-ed 🙂

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