Freeze Frame #104: Kal Ho Na Ho

Honestly, I didn’t like this movie much. It was a calculated sort of script that knew exactly what buttons it was pushing. Not a problem per se — even a lot of good movies do that. But the good ones also manage to convey something genuine in the midst of all that machinery. This one, at least for me, did not.

For one thing, I just didn’t buy the plot. It seemed like SRK bullied Priety and Saif into hooking up so he could feel noble. And as for the chemistry between the leads, I can only say that I side with Kantabai in this matter.

Then there’s the small matter of spending 90 minutes waiting for SRK to pop off. And after all the melodrama of the scenes preceding it, the one with him on his deathbed was almost a blessed relief. Most parts of it didn’t work for me, not least the exchange between SRK and Priety. However, there’s this little throwaway moment that has stayed with me. I am not entirely sure why.

Essentially, the entire scene consisted of the cast of characters saying goodbye to Aman (SRK). Most of it was cliched and overdone. But when Lilette Dubey blew him a kiss and said, “Good night, sweetheart”, I was surprisingly moved.


4 thoughts on “Freeze Frame #104: Kal Ho Na Ho

  1. Priya>> I think most of the credit goes to her. But I’d give a share of the credit to the one who wrote it as well. It’s not the most obvious line to put in that situation.

  2. This was a movie I had liked. I think now I get why, throughout the second half you are waiting for SRK to die. But yes, the last minutes of a movie can do wonders to your film experience, the aftertaste masking the taste and all. Case in point: Cheeni kum , I enjoyed the movie thoroughly till the last 15 minutes, where everything fell apart and left such a bad taste that the integrity of the rest of the movie seems insignificant..

    I also thought this was one of Saif’s first performances which turned out decent. Digged the songs though..Who can think up stuff like”That’s the way, maahi-ve”.. and have weddings so well orchestrated

  3. Cheeni Kum does drop off a bit at the end. I thought the ending wasn’t on par with the rest of the movie, but I didn’t think it torpedoed it. Or maybe I was in a forgiving mood.

    I think Saif has moved up a gear since Dil Chahta Hai. That movie simply took his natural likeability and added coolness to it. Personally, I thought his performance in Ek Haseena Thi was the high point of that season.

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