Buy One, Get One Free

As of now, I have watched three of the four major Tamil movies released on Deepavali. The two big ones that got all the media attention prior to release were Vijay’s Azhagiya Thamizhmagan and Surya’s Vel. Incidentally, both had the heroes in double roles. Incidentally, both sucked. As it turned out, one helping of Dhanush was more delicious than two helpings each of Vijay and Surya.

And no, I’m not going to review either movie. It’s just not worth the energy and creativity required to come up with something sufficiently caustic to describe them.


2 thoughts on “Buy One, Get One Free

  1. Sagarika says:

    >>”As it turned out, one helping of Dhanush was more delicious than two helpings each of Vijay and Surya.”

    Pigs have started to fly, what can I say? Good call though on not reaching creative burnout over documenting mixed doubles messing up Diwali in TN.

  2. Sagarika says:

    OK, I spoke too soon. I caught the aforementioned “mixed doubles” on DVD last weekend and I must admit (if sheepishly, given everyone else with good taste have heartily spat at these two) that they actually worked for me. Vijay has grown on me since Gilli, Sivakasi, Pokkiri…and I lapped ATM with just as much gusto. And after Ghajini, it’s my staunch belief that you simply can’t go wrong with Surya and Asin. Despite the fact that Vel had several Gajiniish sequences between the lovebirds (mistaken identity et al) I enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought the scripting was quite tight (especially the Surya/Surya interplay) and for once Vadivelu didn’t get on my nerves (and neither did Shreya in ATM). He actually exhorted a few laughs out of me!

    P.S. Hubby feels I’ve now rightfully earned my place among B and C Tamil movie audiences, but what the heck! 🙂

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