For those of you who were depressed by my previous post…

Here’s a funny little post from a man whose creativity astounds me every time I think he’s hit his peak.

Guide to designing Indian Political Posters « Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

If there is someone whose finely-tuned sense of the absurd reminds me of Terry Pratchett, it would be KA. The aforementioned post is among the funniest I have ever read.


5 thoughts on “For those of you who were depressed by my previous post…

  1. 2 elderly maamis will not do. I need a posse. No. An army of maamis to drishti-sutthufy me for all the praise this photoshop hack-job is getting me.

    Honoured, in any case.

  2. Ramsu says:

    You do realize, of course, that you might be the only blogger on earth to ask someone not to read your blog? 🙂
    Thanks for the heads-up anyway! I’ll read your blog after i watch the movie.

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