Freeze Frame #110: Jab We Met

One of the little pleasures of Jab We Met is its amazing array of supporting characters. Many of them have no more than a few minutes of screen time, but they manage to leave their mark. No one illustrates this better than the desk clerk at Hotel Decent in Ratlaam, where the couple decide to spend the night.

We start smiling when Kareena insists that they rent the room by the hour, not quite realizing what that implies. It progresses to full-blown laughter when Shahid gives up on her, smiles and goes with the flow. Watching the reaction shots of the clerk is an unalloyed pleasure — you know exactly what he is thinking, but his genius lies in conveying it with minimal facial expressions. It’s like he’s using every ounce of self-control he possesses to remain poker-faced, and not entirely succeeding. Beautiful.

But what really pushes it over the edge into greatness is when Kareena goes to the room and Shahid stays back to ask, “Item kaisi hai?”


5 thoughts on “Freeze Frame #110: Jab We Met

  1. that’s definitely a highpoint..i couldn’t control laughter when kareena’s boyfriend says “mein kyun dekhoon ganne ke khet, mujhe nahin dekhnaa ganne ke khet..”

    btw, early on did you notice the disheartened body language of the hawaldar when he fails to stop Shahid and Kareena shouts at him “naalaayak”? another gem.

  2. Yeah, I loved how seamlessly the character of Anshuman went from jerk to comic sidekick. There was never a feeling that the guy’s character was being yanked around at the whim of a plot.

    True. That hawaldar had probably five seconds of screen time, yet he managed to convey something. Impressive.

  3. brilliant observation! i couldn’t resist that scene either. that smile/smirk on the hotel owner’s faced is just ETCHED! “Decent”!!!

    How are you rams? Long time!

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