Payment in Saif, and other blog recos

Dear Yash Raj Films,

It was thanks to me that your latest production, Tashan, was mentioned in the prestigious magazine Tehelka. If you would like to pay for my continuing promotional effort for this movie, I accept cash, PayPal and Saif.

Last method of payment preferred, but I could use the money, too.

You are most welcome.

The above is an extract from …so they dance!, a delightful blog maintained by Sanni, a twenty year old Finn in love with the Technicolor madness that is Indian cinema. To give you an idea of what she’s talking about, Tehelka recently published an article on Bollywood bloggers of European and American descent, in which they mentioned her blog.

Among the blogs in this category, Sanni’s is the one I discovered most recently. What makes it interesting is her dry sense of humor. Like her classic line on Akshaye Khanna: “The man is picky, but picks crappy roles.”

Then there’s Beth Loves Bollywood. This was my first discovery, and still remains a regular port of call, for the sheer unbridled enthusiasm she brings to the subject. Watch out for the constantly changing pictures near the title.

And finally, MemsaabStory, Greta Kaemmer’s blog where I learnt that, in Baazi (1968), the whole of Snow White and Seven Dwarves is enacted as a play, with Waheeda Rehman as Snow White. If you know my interest in quizzing, you will not find it surprising that this useless piece of information made my day. Also watch out for the occasional illuminating piece on old Bollywood (like this one on Fearless Nadia).


5 thoughts on “Payment in Saif, and other blog recos

  1. Hear hear! What a lovely writeup, Ramsu!

    If Sanni gets her wish, this opens up a whole new model of movie distribution? And how am I going to collect my fees in 1970s Shashi Kapoor? Does Yash Raj have the lock on time travel?

    Seriously, thank you for the mention. I’m with Greta – there are a lot of great folks out there (yourself included) and it’s an honor to be included.

  2. Folks,

    To paraphrase Raja Hindustani, a movie I utterly hate, “youcomecome, memsaab & beth.”

    Beth, why think of time travel when you can claim interest for 30-odd years on the money you ought to get? Unless of course you want payment in Shashi, in which case stick to the time travel 😀


  3. Sanket,

    It was definitely a big box office success. However, it simply didn’t work for me.

    I’m glad it did for you, though. We go to the movies to feel emotionally engaged. If it served its purpose for you, that’s good.


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