Dirty Love

I found this little gem when I was searching for some other link in my bookmarks. It got filed under a work-related folder by accident. I think.

If ever you feel like reading a nasty review of a bad movie would make your day a bit better, go search for Roger Ebert’s zero star reviews. It’s not just that he tears the movie apart — he does it with such style that you feel like watching the movie just to see what he wrote about. Here’s one that I particularly like.

Dirty Love :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews

My favourite line in the review: 

She (Jenny McCarthy) is cheated on by her boyfriend, Richard (Victor Webster), aka Dick, who looks like the model on the cover of a drugstore romance novel about a girl who doesn’t know that guys who look like that spend all of their time looking like that.

As analogies go, that one is positively Wodehousian.


One thought on “Dirty Love

  1. S says:

    Haha, it made my day to dig up and read this Roger review! It reminded me of Leslie Nielsen’s brand of over the top comedy when he was cast against type (and how successfully!), in the ’80s. I also saw it as an unintended ode to the ’50s. Especially the icky bits about Jenny’s “plop down in a supermarket aisle in a pool of her own blood” and the “elephantine pad exposed during her stripsearch by cops.” They seemed to cast the terms “McCarthyism” and the “Second Red Scare” in new (de)light. 🙂

    And I squealed at Ebert’s suggested remedy to redress Jenny’s clueless moviemaking. Such a sweet slap on the wrist (and a testament to the infinite reserves of patience that’s the repertoire of every blue-blooded critic, God rest his soul).

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