Dear Sir, As I am suffering from fever… (Redux)

I will be traveling to Germany and Poland on work for the next fortnight. 24fps will be on hiatus until I return.

Those of you who wonder about the sheer waste of beer involved in sending a non-beer drinker to Munich during Oktoberfest are welcome to rant and rave in the comments section.

Those of you who might be in Munich between 22 and 28 September, or in Gdansk (Danzig, if you’re German) until 4 October, are welcome to drop me a line in case you’d like to meet up for coffee or dinner.

The last time I put the blog on hold for a trip abroad, I promised a travelouge post that I never got around to writing. Since it has been established that breaking promises do not bother me any more than the average Member of Parliament, I shall make the same promise this time as well. And while I am at it, I also promise to end global warming and pass a constitutional amendment outlawing Himesh Reshammiya. 

Those of you who wish to roll your eyes at the above paragraph are requested to desist. If you haven’t done so after reading any of my earlier posts, now is no time to start.

Auf wiedersehen, Do widenzia etc.


6 thoughts on “Dear Sir, As I am suffering from fever… (Redux)

  1. I also promise to … pass a constitutional amendment outlawing Himesh Reshammiya

    Let me know which constituency you’re standing from – I’ll come vote for you! I’ll even support the cause of non-beer drinks (why ruin water and drink it!).

  2. Danke schon, folks!

    Sanni>> Ich hoffe, es wird ich werde eine gute zeit. Wie Helsinki 🙂 (Duinno if I got that right.)

    bollyviewer>> I’m thinking of taking the Rajya Sabha route 😀

  3. Amrita>> Other than the occasional glass of wine, I don’t drink, so that’s out. I try to avoid driving even back home so that’s out too. As for the wiener thing… thanks for the clarification 😀

    I’ve been thinking of doing a series of posts on the travails of a vegetarian in countries where salad is defined as what food eats. So if I ever do get around to writing that travelogue post, that might be it.

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