Short takes

Open question #1: I saw a “Buy One Get One Free” offer at a shoe shop the other day (Cosmos Mall in Bangalore, if you have money to burn and feel particularly pyro today). Do they mean pairs of shoes, or is it like the “Free Hotmail Account” offer I saw ages ago at a Net surfing place in Kolkata?

Open question #2: There’s a brand of bottled water (Manikchand, I think) that has the term Oxyrich on the label. Now, we’re talking water, right? Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, last time I checked. But an Oxygen atom looks like Godzilla next to the Hydrogen atom, so two of them still doesn’t mean much. So how the heck does Manikchand manage to make water more oxygen rich than it is?

More later. Do write in if you have any more open questions to add to this list.

The tag for this port is a reference to my favourite open question of all time: If you eat a dish made out of Venus Flytrap, can you consider it vegetarian? Maybe Sharanya Manivannan could answer this one 😀


8 thoughts on “Short takes

  1. Have been busy with some personal stuff (my dad just underwent bypass surgery) for over a month now, hence no time or mindspace to blog. Will be back in action by the end of the year for sure!


    • Good question. Mushrooms are semi-parasitic, yes. That may be one reason why mushrooms are frowned upon in some Brahmin households (including mine).

      But the Venus Flytrap, on the other hand, is actively predatory. How does one deal with that?


  2. S says:

    How come nature mandates that g”O”dzilla needs (not one but) two “H” to successfully quench thirst, periodically speaking?

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