Freeze Frame #128: Shaurya

Remaking A Few Good Men was always going to be a tough task, simply because Jack Nicholson had way too much fun chewing up the scenery that you just couldn’t hope to match up to that. So Shaurya decides to attack the problem from a different angle — it makes the movie a lot more serious (or maybe we just understand the issues a lot better) and gives the Nicholson character an entirely different spin. It works, in a way — Kay Kay is hypotically watchable in the key courtroom sequence, and manages to create something that deserves to be taken on its own terms. That it is hamstrung by a terribly ordinary performance at the other end by Rahul Bose (in the Tom Cruise role) is a pity.

The other big difference is the accused (in this case just one man) —  Capt. Javed Khan. The first time you see him, he speaks absolutely nothing. His lawyer (Bose) speaks to him, or rather at him, for a few minutes, but there seems to be absolutely no response from the man. He just sits there. It is unnerving, and undeniably effective.

Maybe it is because we (who have seen the original, or at least enough movies to know better) already know how it is going to end and therefore enter that scene feeling like there is little to know about this man. By the time the movie is over, we haven’t learnt anything we didn’t expect.

But for three minutes, an actor comes on screen and inhabits it with such mesmerizing stillness that you are hooked. You want to know why this guy is in that cell, despite the fact that, at some level, you know already. If that isn’t screen presence, I don’t know what is.

ps: The actor’s name is Deepak Dobriyal. You might’ve noticed him in Maqbool and Omkara.


11 thoughts on “Freeze Frame #128: Shaurya

  1. I liked Shaurya- and agree w/ you that while KayKay was v good, Rahul was v ordinary. Also felt that his lil love track was completely not needed. I was pleasantly surprised by Javed Jaffery- I hope he does more dramatic roles- he is so much better now that he is older 🙂

  2. KK: Tumko jawab chahiye?

    Rahul: Mujhe sach chahiye!

    KK: Sach? Tum sach sun nahi sakte!

    Eww. Giving me a migraine. I shall stick to the original 😀

  3. Shweta>> Yeah, Javed Jaffrey was pretty good. I especially liked that scene where he consoles Rahul Bose after the latter hears about how his father was found dead. Most people would look at that scene and call it “Indianization” of a Hollywood movie. But I think in this case it worked well. It took the thankless Kevin Bacon role and gave it depth and maturity.

    Pitu>> Did he actually say that? 🙂 The part I remember is his quieter, tightly controlled response when he says, “Major, tum bad itna hi suno jitni tumhaari kshamta hai.”


  4. Meera says:

    Shaurya? Yaawwwn! Twas’ terrible. The scenery in the hill stations was good. KayKay (for me) is always drool worthy. But could barely sit through the movie. For once I was concentrating on which flavour of popcorn I was eating!

  5. pitu>> Major, main roz subah chaar baje ko naashta karta hoon, aur mujhse char sau foot ki doori mein char sau log sarhad ke uss paar khade hain, mere khoon ke liye taraste huye. 😀

    Darshit>> Kay Kay seems to have made a career out of roles like this. Even in a bad movie, he’s usually eminently watchable.


  6. Fart vs. Lie says:

    Whenever Art is not busy imitating Life, it seems to slack by serenading it! What else could possibly explain my reading this right after I returned from my neighbor’s two-year-old son Shaurya’s birthday bash end of last week?

    And don’t even get me started on the commonalities among the Kala Ghoda (Ars Gratia Arse) piece, its comment section reference to the 15-foot painting in the Canadian National Art Gallery, and the flag of Netherlands that showed up on Jeopardy under the category “Coat of Arms”!

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