Mickey Rourke

Did any of you happen to see Mickey Rourke’s speech at the Indie Spirit awards last week? This is what he did up on stage:

I’m happy for Sean Penn, I really am. He probably deserved the award as much as Mickey did (I haven’t seen either movie yet, so I can’t comment). But as acceptance speeches go, he isn’t in the same league.

Then again, nobody is.


3 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke

  1. I heard about this speech, and having a dog I adore of course it touched me incredibly. Then I saw him on the Oscar red carpet he said that Loki had stuck with him until she knew he was going to be okay without her, and I started to cry.

    I never liked him much, but had to root for him after that. Although I loved Sean Penn’s speech, which was a surprise for me too 🙂

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