Some guys have all the talent

Nearly everybody hates those telemarketing guys. There’s really no fun in taking their trip. It seems unfair, somehow.

But then, when someone comes along and does it so well, you realize that there are two kinds of people in the world who hate those telemarketing guys:

  1. Those who don’t have much to say that is intelligent or witty.
  2. Bikerdude. And maybe a few others like him. I doubt there are more than three such people on the planet, including him.

Sample this sublime AV offering from the man, which I discovered only recently when I visited his blog after a long time. There are two audio blogs in this post, both brilliant. But it is the latter that had me clutching my sides.

When God gave out talent and a sense of humor, my guess is that he came back for second, third and fourth helpings. And then God gave him some more for being such a loyal customer.


2 thoughts on “Some guys have all the talent

  1. Late Nt Talent says:

    What has Homer’s Odyssey got to do with the Coen brothers’ O Brother Where Art Thou? Or more importantly, what has The Holy Trinity that takes telemarketers’ trips (yes sirree, it’s Bikerdude AND The Other Two, aka BANDTOT) got to do with Homer’s Odyssey?

    Whadyoo say?

    “In the beginning of O Brother Where Art Thou?, a title card informs us that it was inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. When I saw that, I didn’t know whether to believe it – Fargo started out saying it was based on a true story whereas it actually was not. At the end of this quirky, often funny movie, I came to the conclusion that it did have a bit of Odyssey in it, both in form and in spirit. (I also learnt later that the Coens claimed never to have read Odyssey, which isn’t surprising either.)

    For instance, the hero’s name is Ulysses, his wife’s name is Penny (short for Penelope, no doubt), a blind prophet bookends the movie… I could go on about the sirens and the Cyclops and everything, but that’s not what makes it an adaptation in my view. Homer’s “Odyssey” is not so much an epic with a single theme but a series of older stories strung together on a basic plot about one man trying to get back home. Sirens, Cyclops, Calypso… it’s really just one damn thing after another. As a result, you could read any part of Odyssey without really knowing what came before or hence, and still enjoy it.”

    Yoo said it!

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