Freeze Frame #138: Love Actually

There is nothing extraordinarily memorable about the movie, but if I’m stuck between watching Citizen Kane and Love Actually, I am likely to choose the latter as often as not.

To quote what is probably the best line in Some Like It Hot, nobody’s perfect.

I very often don’t watch this movie in one go — I just fast-forward to specific portions. Sometimes, I just follow one plotline from start to finish. Sometimes, it’s a specific scene. Like the one where Rowan Atkinson gift-wraps a necklace while Alan Rickman looks on. Or the one where Hugh Grant is first introduced to Natalie. Or any of Bill Nighy’s or Emma Thompson’s scenes. Sometimes all I need in order to make my day is a glimpse of Thompson’s smiling visage when Bye Bye Baby gets played at a funeral service.

But my favourite of all time is the one where Colin walks into an American bar. To quote Ebert’s description of this particular subplot:

There’s also one hopeful soloist who believes that if he flies to Milwaukee and walks into a bar he’ll find a friendly Wisconsin girl who thinks his British accent is so cute she’ll want to sleep with him. This turns out to be true.

Exactly how much this turns out to be true is, to me, the best part of this movie.


4 thoughts on “Freeze Frame #138: Love Actually

    • I know, how can he go wrong? 😀

      Sometimes I wonder if the only reason why the human race hasn’t overpopulated itself to oblivion is the fact that the Gods of Sex are all on the wrong continent.

  1. State Centered says:

    Haven’t caught this one yet, but my multiple run-ins with mentions of Milwaukee and Wisconsin this week had me momentarily jumping out of my skin.

    It all probably started with my bringing home the DVD of “Milwaukee, Minnesota” (never heard of the movie prior, and haven’t watched it yet), followed by reading a bunch of Wheeler Wilcox poems (yes, the Ella from Wisconsin), followed by my favorite quiz show closing with the category “State Songs” whose answer went thus: “On Wisconsin” was originally dedicated to a mid-west football team. Sousa is said to have called it the best college song he ever heard. And now, this. Whoa 😀

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