Pre-owned monument for sale

Dear readers,

First I hear that Ben Kingsley is in India. ToI announces this news with a picture of him and his wife Daniela at the Taj Mahal.

Then I see this picture.

Am I the only one whose mind is screaming Bunty Aur Babli Strike Back?

Please let me know.



2 thoughts on “Pre-owned monument for sale


    I love the two ABs’ faces – never has WTF been more pronounced. At least his wife is all up to speed on the skanktastic Bollywear stakes. Ameeeeeeesha Patel is gnashing her teeth in envy.

    • Maybe Ms Patel ought to consider turning designer for this particular segment. It’s pretty niche, but the revenue per square inch of fabric would match Manish Yeh-sab-tumhaara-racket-hai Malohtra’s, I’m sure.

      Did you see Ash in those pictures, and AB Jr’s glasses? Apparently, they’re doing Austin Powers Meets The Addams Family as well.

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