Friday morning naivete

We find it easier to kow-tow to the Thackerays of the world, simply because we wish to go about our daily lives in peace. When asked about our vertebrae, we respond that we, the mango people, cannot afford one — the price tag is too high.

Then something like this happens.

Maybe it’s a calculated move to capitalize on the backlash against the Sena. Maybe Shahrukh Khan knows that the box office receipts in most places will not affected either way. Maybe the real genesis of this whole conflict is not known to us. Or maybe the Sena just wants to regain lost ground from the MNS and this entire controversy is engineered to achieve that.

But you know what, I want to be hopelessly naive about this. I want to stand up and cheer when a man goes up there and says, “I am entitled to my opinion, and I am not going to retract it just because you threatened to derail my movie. Screw you.”


6 thoughts on “Friday morning naivete

  1. harvey says:

    Well, it seems the protests of the Bombay film industry are always lone. Why don’t they get together. Like KJo bore the brunt alone when he used Bombay instead of Mumbai. Same goes for Jaya Bachchan with her Hindi instead of Marathi saga. I find it great that SRK is sticking to his opinion and not apolgizing. I am not a big fan of his acting but with his stance, he has won an admirer in me.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. WORD, WORD, WORD. SRK is doing what I wish Karan Johar had done with regard to Wake Up Sid.

    It’s kind of funny, because I was going to stay the HELL away from My Name Is Khan before and now I’m ALMOST tempted to go watch it just to support him. Whoa.

  3. The whole idea is pretty clear from the fact that an awesome Amit Trivedi composition like Bombay Bombay sung by Siddharth (read lesser known people) has not been made an issue. The issues are restricted to the biggest of celebrities like SRK, Karan Johar, Sachin etc.

  4. Every so often, just before the release of a much-hyped movie, someone would file a PIL saying something in the movie has offended someone. I deliberately overdosed that sentence with something/someone because:

    1. This happens often enough.
    2. The ones who file the PIL don’t give a damn about the issue either, IMO. It’s just a way of drawing attention to oneself. Some kind of nut-job rite of passage.

    This incident just feels like a variation on the same theme.

    And yes, it doesn’t affect the smaller producers so much. Think about this: If Kaminey had been Vishal Bharadwaj’s first film and had starred some no-name actors, would there have been a furore over Apna Haath Jagannath scribbled on the door of a men’s toilet? I don’t think it would even have registered.

    • Of Jagannath & Juggernaut says:

      Oh bulls-eye, buddy! That’s pretty much it. It’s like some twisted game of tag that you’ll have to be super-smart (or extremely impatient or hopelessly naive) NOT to get sucked into.

      These couldn’t-care-less-about-core-issue-coz-there’s-none vandals seem quite vicious in their vengeful “wrecking” of any shiny new vehicle that everyone’s gotten their eyes on. (“Oh, now that we have your collective eyeballs on Mr.X, bam! Watch us as we bash the heck outta of his pretty face. Just watch us, you. Yes, YOU! And YOU too, bitches and sonsofbitches, coz its “target practice” time peepul, and we have an easy one RIGHT HERE!). Sigh.

      Personally, I have zero patience (*yawn*) for media pandering to politicos. Why “frame” something, to begin with, in a way that makes for easy fodder, is the one thing I can’t even begin to understand. A universal problem though, this “feeding frenzy” thing.

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