What seven year itch?

As of yesterday, I’ve been married seven years. So obviously, the image of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate is among the first things to come to mind. Not that I’m feeling in the least bit itchy, but you can’t be a movie buff and be married for seven years and not remember the movie. I’m sure there’s a law against it somewhere.

I remember my married friends telling me that marriage wasn’t a bed of roses. Not as discouragement, mind, but just to ensure that I took the rose-tinted glasses off before jumping in. My response to that was that nothing in life ever is as bed of roses. Unless we’re discussing Bon Jovi or people who like waking up with rose petals stuck to their butt. Which, given what little I’ve heard of rock star lifestyles, might even end up being the same thing. But I digress.

All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty happily married. Oh, there are days when either or both of us feel like tearing our hair out. But then there are also days like today, when I get this for an anniversary gift:

Bollywood Posters

She pre-ordered it at Blossoms, dragged me there under some pretext and then sprung this on me. A few years ago, she arranged to get me DVDs of most of the Oscar nominated movies in that year.

If I’m itching for anything, it’s for an eternity of the same, even with Sharmila Tagore pointing a gun at me.

Happy anniversary, Lakshmi. I love you.


15 thoughts on “What seven year itch?

  1. Very sweet post. Happy anniversary to you & your wife.

    I always hated The Seven Year Itch (as in the film). Even as a kid when I watched Marilyn Monroe movies just because I thought she was pretty. I didn’t get the cultural context of most of the films but liked most of them anyway. But SYI annoyed me; maybe because the man in it felt sleazy and Marilyn was more thick than sympathetic. And maybe on some level I understood the flirting-with-cheating and disliked it.

  2. Happy anniversary Ramsu! I hope the last 7 years has been wonderful and that you will have many many more! We just celebrated out 10th last year, though it hasn’t been without it’s challenges that’s for sure! As for the movie, I actually have never seen it. Just as my taste for Bollywood is more contemporary, so is my taste for Hollywood (though I have tried spreading my wings every now and then).

    Don’t you LOVE the poster book. I actually just bought it for myself about a month ago. I really enjoyed reading the concept of how they put the posters together and how they’ve changed through th years.

  3. Thanks folks! Just so you know, I’ve never actually seen the movie. I just know about the subway grate πŸ˜€

    The book is quite awesome, and has some unforgettable posters. My favourite is one of Bobby that wouldn’t have looked out of place at Woodstock.


  4. Ranya says:

    awwwwwww.. how lovely is this post! and how fantastic are your wife’s gifts!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both .. may you enjoy many many years of bliss together!!

  5. Hydrocorti Zone? says:

    Hey, what about that *other* seven-year (anti)itch, G.E? (Btw, isn’t 7.5 the fifth of July, ‘Mr. USA’?) Lagta hai Rab Ne Jodi hi nahin, Job ko bhi janam kundli milaake hi banaayi hai, lol! You are lucky oye. Touch wood. πŸ˜›

    • More like Mister USA, give or take a day πŸ™‚ My other long-term relationship doesn’t result in coffee table books with Sharmila Tagore on the cover, but it has led to much good stuff over the years so I can’t really complain.

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