Trivia Challenge #1

I am, or at least used to be, an avid quizzer with a special interest in movie trivia. (To the point where my wife used to turn to me during a screening of, say, Jodhaa Akbar, to ask me if I knew the name of the second elephant from the right in the battle scene right at the beginning.)

Then I got into this blogging business and found that most people around knew more than I did about the movies. So here’s a set of questions aimed at you movie buffs. Depending on the response, I may do more of these in the future. This one’s centered around Hollywood, but in case that’s not your preferred area, I’ll do one on Indian cinema soon enough.

1. I like to come up oblique connections, especially between literature and the movies, so here’s a relatively straightforward one to begin with: Connect the following:

2. Again, as Margaret Schlegel would say, only connect…

3. This is a photograph of a building at MIT, taken sometime in early 1998. Why was it lit up like that?

4. Not quite a movie question, but one I really love. When this stamp came out, a whole bunch of Elvis fans did something very curious with it. What exactly did they do?

5. Modern Times was supposed to be Charles Chaplin’s first full sound film. But there is something unique about the sounds in the film; something to do with the film’s theme. What ?

Answers in a day or two.


9 thoughts on “Trivia Challenge #1

  1. PV says:

    #1 – All three films were released in 1979

    #3 – The MIT building was lit up to look like “Oscar” when Good Will Hunting (which was set in MIT) won Oscars at the 1998 acaedemy awards

    #2 – The middle photo is of Coppola. Can’t recognize the Hoffman movie or the top photo though

    #4, #5 – resisted the urge to Look up Wikipedia

    Please expand this to Desi movies too

  2. 1. Joseph Conrad
    2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
    3. Yeah, you’ve asked this at Joka. The janitor’s story.
    4. They bought the stamps, went to Memphis, and posted it to themselves.
    5. Sort of remember this from Joka as well. No direct voices. Only through machines, radio etc.

  3. Gradwolf>> My apologies. Will moderate comments for these posts from next time onwards.

    PV>> #1 is a valid connection, but not quite the one I was looking for. Half points, though 🙂

    Shafeek>> You wanna expand on your answers a bit?

  4. 1. Apocalypse Now – Some links to Heart of Darkness, esp Brando’s character.
    Kaala Pathar – Amitabh’s character based on Lord Jim.
    Alien – Space ships were named after some characters from Conrad stories. or something like that.

    2. Wouldn’t have got this if running over the pictures with the cursor didn’t reveal names.
    John Donne wrote the poem No Man is an island… containing the phrase.
    Hemmingway wrote the book.
    3rd pic, I assume is from the movie.

    4. Just a wild guess. If you ask another day, I’ll have another answer.

  5. S says:

    LOL @ your wife turning to ask you if you knew the name of the second elephant from the right in the JA battle scene! Ah, spouses. They do feed our whimsies, sometimes. God bless them. Mine makes sure to DVR every episode of Jeopardy, for me. (Left to myself, I won’t even know how to get to the TV guide on the universal remote.) Same with rom-coms. He wouldn’t be caught dead watching one and yet I find The Ugly Truth quietly sitting there.

    Just yesterday, I joyously labored thru Something’s Gotta Give, all by myself. “Because,” as Malory famously said, “it’s there.”

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