Trivia Challenge #2

When I posted my first trivia challenge some weeks ago, PV asked me to do one on desi movies. So here it is:

1. You know what, I think the really good Govinda movies of the nineties (the best of which is undoubtedly Coolie No. 1) deserve comparison with some of the frothiest entertainers of all time. Yeah, I really do think that. Then of course it all went to hell with films like Hadh Kar Di Aapne. One of the saddest things about it is, Hadh… borrows its basic premise from one of the best Fred & Ginger musicals of all time. Name the musical.

2. There are three things common to Alam Ara, Bhakta Prahlada and Kalidasa. The first is that they were all released in 1931. The second is that they were the first talkie films in their respective languages (Hindi, Telugu and Tamil). What is the third?

3. There’s a song attached here. Listen to it, it’s quite nice. Now, if I were to ask you for the name of the singer, you’d say Mohammed Rafi even before I finished the question. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a question at all, given that the singer’s name is given in the display when you launch the player from this link. But if I were to ask you for the name of the actor it’s picturized on, your answer would be…?

4. Back in the nineties, SRK starred in an Abbas-Mustan film called Badshah. It wasn’t too bad, as comic capers go. Not surprisingly, it was highly leveraged (fin-speak for “borrowed heavily”). The last 30 minutes, in particular, faithfully lifted plot points from two different Hollywood movies. Name both of them.

5. Every so often, some Indian filmmaker decides to adapt Shakespeare. Gulzar did it with Angoor, while David Dhawan was inspired by the same play to make Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan. Apparently, The Taming of the Shrew provided the inspiration for Sivaji Ganesan’s Arivaali — not sure about this, though. Vishal Bharadwaj, however, seems to prefer The Bard’s tragedies. When Omkara was released, much was made of the fact that it was an adaptation of Othello to an Indian mileu. However, I don’t remember too many people making mention of the fact that someone had already done Othello in Indian cinema. Your task now is to tell me what the earlier adaptation was.

Answers in a day or two.


9 thoughts on “Trivia Challenge #2

  1. 1)-
    2)Dialogues and songs in different languages ?
    3)Mohd. Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar.
    5) kaLiyattam (Malayalam). Suresh Gopi got the national award for this.

  2. Okay, the answers:

    1. The musical in question is Top Hat. PV got this one right.

    2. Didn’t really frame this one very well. The connection I was looking for was L. V. Prasad, who acted in all three movies. But then, H. M. Reddy might’ve been a valid connection as well, seeing as he was Ardeshir Irani’s assistant in Alam Ara and directed the other two. Irani could be a connection as well. Guess I need to be more careful with my questions. I’ll award PV points for this one as well.

    3. That song was a rarity — Rafi singing for Kishore. Dagalti and PV got this one right.

    4. Gradwolf got this — the movies lifted from were Rush Hour and Nick of Time.

    5. dagalti got this — the Othello remake was Kaliyattam, starring Suresh Gopi and set in the world of Theyyam dancers.

    Good show, folks! My next quiz will be on Tamil cinema.


  3. PV says:

    Can’t wait for your Tamil cinema quiz !

    I have another dialogues quiz – tried modeling it using a Gaussian curve difficulty model as per your earlier suggestion – but still abysmal response

  4. 2 Lire: Vital Change! says:

    That’s “Trivia Challenge 2” for you! 😀

    The only connection this decoding has to the quiz is possibly The Bard reference at #5 (coz he set a lot of his stories in Italian cities…Verona, Venice…)

  5. S says:

    Re: #5, guess it’s no drab matter the Theyyam dancers were early to channel the Bard. Thanks for another chance to play my 2-bit anagram card. 😛

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