Movie technology I’d like in real life

I wrote this for the GE Global Research blog – Edison’s Desk. An excerpt:

We go to the movies for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is vicarious wish fulfillment. For the more scientifically inclined among us, much of this aspect has to do with the cool gadgetry in the movies. It’s almost like a litmus test: which of the scenes in a Bond movie do you like best? The ones with Q or the myraid action sequences? If you fall into the former category, read on. Otherwise… well, humour me for a few minutes and read on anyway.

You can read the rest of this post here.


6 thoughts on “Movie technology I’d like in real life

    • I know! Would make commuting such a breeze, wouldn’t it? However, I worry about the risk of turning half-fly during the process. Can’t be much fun, that.

  1. S says:

    Oh to call upon movies in a company blog (the only kind of “Blog” my family takes kindly to 😉 )! You’re lucky.

    The kind of “company blog” writing that I (am required to) do, generally runs the gamut from solar-cell breakthroughs powering (among other things) the break-room coffee machine to the marvel that’s the “networked” village in a remote corner of Asia.

    BTW, I too can use that teleporter Ms. Spoonerism talks about, above. Especially this week, coz I feel particularly bent out of shape by bureaucracy, thanks to our building move. I loved (the privacy of) my corner cube in bldg 8, but now the bunch of us got herded into a bull pen in building 10 to be guinea pigs in the “Connected Collaborative Workspace” environment, which basically translates to zero browsing during breaks coz there’s always somebody peeking over your shoulder (so much for free, open, wall-less environments! I wouldn’t mind being that half-fly on “a” wall…any wall), JUST when you get ready to read *that* blog with titular font size upwards of 24, its bold red words bleeding right down the middle of the white webpage, dammit!! 😀

    PS: That neuralizer from MiB is somethin’ else, ain’t it? I wants it!

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