Movie Review: Ra.One

Ra.One is a pitch perfect example of a wholesome family entertainer. It is a touching story about a father’s love for his son, and how it lives on in the form of a video game character come to life, set amidst a high-octane confrontation between a seemingly indestructible villain and a seemingly vulnerable and “human” hero.

While the title refers to the villain (an oblique nod to Ghajini, yet another great action entertainer named after its villain), the film focuses its attention on its hero, played by the inimitable Shahrukh Khan. Especially noteworthy is his work in the first half, which showcases his ability to play a Tamilian to perfection.

Apart from his performance, what really stands out is all the little touches that make you realize how much care has gone into making this film. The costumes for the backup dancers in the Chammak Challo song, for instance — I’m sure every TamBram dad would want something like that for his daughter’s birthday. Or the humor, much of which seems to revolve around the the twig and berries. Side-splitting, I tell you. And of course Rajni’s guest appearance, which is perfectly timed, perfectly executed and perfectly concluded.

In summary, I would like to thank Anubhav Sinha and Shahrukh Khan, not only for providing me with such a wonderful movie-watching experience, but also for the little bag of weed they mailed me this morning. Just imagine, I got to write this review after having smoked the same stuff they smoked while making the movie. How awesome is that? Huh?!!!


11 thoughts on “Movie Review: Ra.One

  1. Digressing: Which came 1st? The movie title or the villain’s name?
    In the Tamil Ghajini, the villain’s name wasn’t Ghajini, was it? So the title of the Hindi remake was just copied from the Tam version. And the villain was named after the movie title, no?

    • I am reminded of an incident during the filming of The Big Sleep when Bogie brought the proceedings to a halt by asking a question about the plot that nobody seemed to know the answer to. So they called Raymond Chandler to clear it up, ad he responded by saying he didn’t know either, and was most likely not sober when he wrote the book.

      You’re right about Ghajini. In this case, I wonder if Mani Ratnam’s film had anything to do with the name.

  2. yudhistra says:

    sema kalaai… with the size of your blog and the way u have written i was keep guessing your final note.. and i was right …

  3. Thanks, folks! I exited the movie theatre desperately looking for PTSD medication, and wondered if I could rant enough to do justice to the movie. Then decided to go this route instead. Glad to know it was a good choice 🙂

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