The best opening credits of any Tamil movie I’ve seen…

… appears in a Rajni movie called Kazhugu.

The film itself contains such wonders as human sacrifice conducted in a large room containing massive statues of Rameses (looking like he’s undergoing a colonoscopy), fistfights involving large men seemingly made of steel (imagine a cross between Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me and Fat Bastard from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) and Rajni doing his version of martial arts (Tai Chi crossed with Kathak). Good fun, really, if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing.

But the opening credits… wow! Lurid images that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of pulp fiction/horror novels, with appropriate music playing in the background — this stuff makes everything else worthwhile.

Do you folks have any other candidates for Best Opening Credits of All Time? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “The best opening credits of any Tamil movie I’ve seen…

  1. AKM says:

    (2nd attempt)

    My own childhood is permanetly scarred with Kasam Paida Karne Waale Ki.

    I also seem to recollect Thee(again Rajni) as lurid. Could we have a honourable mention for that movie (with Pratap Pothen ?) which starts with shadow figures on the wall ?

  2. Shankar says:

    Ramsu, did you know that Kazhugu was inspired by a film called “Race with the devil”? I remember seeing the english movie when I was s small kid (!) and recall that a major part of Kazhugu was ripped straight out of it. The RV trip, occult theme, the dog getting killed as a warning etc were all part of “Race with the devil”. Of course, in the english movie, it ends with the couples getting surrounded by fire while in the tamil version, Rajini ends up victorious!!🙂

    • I didn’t know that! Let me see if I can find the film somewhere.

      Apropos Rajni winning in the end, would it not be monumental folly to expect otherwise?

  3. S says:

    LOL@ Rameses looking like he’s undergoing a colonoscopy!! Now that we got that all squared away, I dont think I ever watched Kazhugu. Just looked it up. The opening credits are wild indeed. Lurid bits from a pulpy horror novel. Unadult(e)rated sleaze.🙂

    I can’t recall any other interesting opening credits off the bat but a weird one from My Best Friend’s Wedding does come to mind. It evoked mixed feelings in me at that time. (From cloyingly cute, to girls gone wild, to “wipe that jealous smirk off your smug faces” to “omg are they gonna strangle the bride with a string of pearls?”)

  4. S says:

    It’s quite strange. Like the first commenter here, I’d tried to submit twice yesterday and it didn’t take (maybe coz of YouTube links I’d included? Will resubmit minus links and see if it takes).

    The Rameses colonoscopy remark was a riot.🙂 I never saw or heard of Kazhugu. The lurid titles indeed evoke horror novels of an era and add an element of intrigue (undeservedly, I’m guessing, to some mighty awful fare).

    Can’t recall that many noteworthy opening credit montages off the bat, but re-re-watching Chandramukhi recently made me sit up at the rustic old library sequence that plays over the titles, with Thalaivar donning a beret and burying himself in books brokering the occult.

    Also, My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s been a while but I found all the plush pink in the titles cute and memorable, not to mention weird coz of the questionable vibe the bridesmaids were radiating. (I recall my reactions ranging from “aw how cotton candy” to girls gone wild to “wipe that jealous grin off your smug faces” to “omg are you gonna strangle the bride with a string of pearls?”).

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