Four and a half reasons

Dear Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,

The next time Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis does the lead role in a motion picture, I request you to simply disqualify all other potential Best Actor nominees for reason of not being Mr. Day-Lewis and present him with the statuette forthwith. To support my humble request, I present four and a half reasons:

0.5: If his performance in his Oscar winning turns (as well as some others like my personal favourite — The Age of Innocence) is anything to go by, you are unlikely to find a better performance in that year. Ordinarily, this would count as a full reason, but I give it only half points because on the odd occasion, some actors do manage to do better. (Although even if they did, you manage to ignore brilliant performances often enough that this wouldn’t really be noticed.)

1.5: Cutting down the time taken for to go through the nominees for even one award would cut the time taken for the Oscar telecast by a precious few minutes. Some of us have to get to work after the show’s over, ya know?

2.5: Consider his first Oscar win for My Left Foot. Look at how Morgan Freeman (nominated that year for Driving Miss Daisy) was cheering when the winner was announced. My guess is, he knew what was coming: a witty, wonderful, yet short speech that stayed in the memory.

3.5: Now, despite the fine example he set back then, so many of his contemporaries insisted on blubbering up there with the statuette in their hands, reading out prosaic laundry lists of thank-yous and making us admire, instead of their acting abilities, the writing abilities of the screenwriters that made them so watchable in the movies they won for. So he obliged by winning again and There Will Be Blood and giving us this object lesson:

4.5: One would imagine that a lesson twice-taught would be heeded, but no. We still got laundry lists. We still do, come to that. So he has won — yet again — this year, just so he could teach his dim-witted colleagues once more how it ought to be done.

However, dear Academy members, I doubt that he will be successful in his endeavour despite his repeated attempts. Therefore, I humbly request you to put both him and us out of our misery and do the needful.

Regards etc.



2 thoughts on “Four and a half reasons

  1. S says:

    Daniel Day-Lewis reminds me of Peter Rabbit (chews scenery and then some, and boy do we love him for it). Don’t know how I missed all his award speeches. Can’t have enough of them now (and can’t thank you enough for them; made a mental note to binge watch on YT when I actually have some time).

    He’s certainly a breath of fresh air in the stuffy parade of thank-yous that’s the Oscars.

    In the clips you’ve posted, which are 100% awesome, these two bits made me smile:

    1. Loved seeing Day-Lewis becoming Knight Lewis, if only for an instant, accepting his statuette from The Queen.

    2. His Lincoln acceptance: after thanking the writer, director and “the mysteriously beautiful mind, body and spirit of Abraham…” he presses on light heartedly (yet with the sincerity intact) about his wife: “Since our marriage sixteen years ago, Rebecca has lived with some strange men, and being the versatile one in the family, has been the perfect companion to each one of them.”

    His clarity of thought is confounding.

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