Freeze Frame #163: The Newsroom

The trouble with being an insufferable churl about word choices is that the universe, yourself included, pisses you off on an almost hourly basis. (It’d be a helluva lot more frequent if I actually paid attention to what went on around me.)

But then, this scene comes along, like some kind of cosmic gesture of solidarity. That it comes in the middle of an immensely problematic third and final season suggests that the Department of Cosmic Gestures is staffed with beings possessing an overdeveloped sense of irony.

One wishes they’d greenlight a spin off about the early days of Atlantis Cable News. I for one would happily look forward to watching it if Aaron Sorkin solemnly promised, in the name of Archimedes, to insert enough volume of Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston to displace the batshit.


One thought on “Freeze Frame #163: The Newsroom

  1. S says:

    God knows I love a “cosmic gesture of solidarity” just as much as the next person. Fonda’s florid rant on “Literally” is also among my favorite scenes in Newsroom. (I binge watched 2 seasons end of last year and waited rather impatiently for Amazon Prime to “free” up Season 3, which they kindly did, earlier this year).

    Amazing how you worked in a scientific nod to my favorite thing in the world… Water(ston)! Aaron would be proud.

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