I’m not feeling particularly creative today, so…

Let me talk about this ad that’s been popping up every so often while I’m on YouTube, or the Sun Nxt app.

Now, I like chocolate as much as the next person, okay? Hershey’s Kisses, too. But a few things bother me about this ad.

First, why is this food item feeling so happy about the prospect of being eaten? This isn’t the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, after all. Does it have a Pinocchio Complex, i.e., “I look like a poop emoji, so here’s my chance to become real poop”?

But more than that, what really gets to me is the disclaimer at the bottom that says Creative visualization. Which marketing genius did the research on that one and found a segment of kids who could read and understand the term Creative Visualization, but needed to be explicitly told that this was one?

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